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'I was staggered by the skillful and attentive reading you have given my work.'


'incredibly helpful . . .'


'. . . prompt, objective and clear criticism. The service is a valuable tool for any poet.'


'I received far more constructive advice than I expected and consider my money wisely spent.'


'It's wonderful to find a professional writer who will take the time, be honest and sufficiently encouraging.'


'I would have happily paid double for the critique you gave me as I could tell you had given it a lot of thought and effort and it was very perceptive and helpful.'

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Would you welcome professional feedback
on your poems?

RSVPoetry  is an established service offering detailed and honest appraisal from an experienced tutor for people at all stages of their writing life. Many writers have found it very helpful in making progress on their poems - as you can see from the quotes on the right from satisfied customers.

My personal history as a writer has shown me the value of informed, constructive criticism and this is what I'm offering you. As a creative writing teacher I've worked with a wide range of different groups including undergraduates at the University of East Anglia, adult education classes and children, and in a spectrum of different contexts in schools, libraries and for community projects. This has given me an empathy for many different styles of poetry and skills in communicating my thoughts about people's work clearly. If you feel you would welcome this kind of dialogue, then read on.


  • Flexible: use the service to suit your own creative rhythm without the regular commitment of an evening class or other type of course.
  • Fast: your work will receive a response within a month.
  • Follow-up: the service includes follow-up contact in the form of an exchange of one further e-mail or letter so you can, for example, send a re-draft for comment.
  • Fee-sible: feedback costs from as little as ୠsee below for the full list of charges

What you won't receive:

  • Flattery: the feedback I will provide will be constructive but honest. I believe in encouraging people in their creativity but not giving them false illusions. You can look at example feedback for the kind of comments you could expect to receive.

Fee structure:

  • థr poem
  • ࠰er six poems
  • ࠰er twelve poems

By 'poem' I mean a piece of up to two A4 pages. Longer poems will be charged at যr each additional two pages i.e. a six page poem will cost 讠Sequences of poems will be treated for charging purposes as a number of individual poems i.e. a sequence of six poems will cost ஼/FONT>

What you need to do next:

  • Send hard copies of your poems (preferably typed) with your name, address, telephone number and e-mail (if you have one) printed clearly on each sheet,
  • Together with an SAE,
  • Together with a cheque based on the fees list above made payable to Esther Morgan,
  • To: Esther Morgan, RSVPoetry, c/o English and American Studies, University of East Anglia, Norwich, NR4 7TJ.



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